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1997 Pontiac Sunfire Build
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 3:13 PM
Hey guys, I just picked up a sunfire about three weeks ago and have been really enjoying it! I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on this forum gathering information so I figured I would chime in! It's a 2.2l 5 speed, 2 door with crank windows and original everything (except the radio.)

Picked her up for $1300 here in TN with 58,200 miles on the clock total. Engine was running rough and the shifter cables were going out. I know it's a lot for a J body, but with how many highway miles I do for work I figured it was a perfect little investment for me. Changing out the plugs and wires totally solved the misfiring and stumbling issues I was having, also replaced the MAP sensor while I was at it although I don't know if that was contributing to any of the issues (plus with how cheap sensors are for these things I just figured why not...) I scrubbed down the engine a little bit because it looked like it used to have a little oil leak from the valve cover, wish I got some before pics.

Interior is in great shape, exterior not too bad besides paint. I think I'm going to sand down and have Maaco spray it. Don't want to sink more than about $400 into that project and I don't expect to keep the car more than five years so that should be fine.

Looking forward to showing you what I've done with her and getting some feedback on how to keep her running nicely! I'll be driving up the miles pretty darn quick as I work all over TN and into KY sometimes. Somewhere around 500 miles a week.

Looks like I'm hitting a wall for adding files to the sidebar here so I'm going to have to check in how to do that and throw some pictures up later!
IMG_0200.jpg (1121k)

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