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Newby Mc newberson
Friday, January 14, 2022 12:14 PM
Hello Hello,

I just got my car going and want to nail down all the quarks. So naturally, I joined a forum of like minded individuals. I've done some searching, but thought an introduction with a list of problems I'm having would drum up solutions quicker. The first one being a P0171 code. I think the fuel pump is the culprit. The car sat for many years and the gas turned to varnish. I pulled the pump and cleaned it up. So it works now but I think the can that the pump sits in isn't picking up fuel. Second problem is the service light. I'm not using any of the headlight wiring so i think that is why it stays on. Maybe some resistors placed in the harness will fix that. Lastly, the dreaded gauge cluster is a cluster Fffk. Coolant temp took a trip all the way around and now it stays jammed down on the bottom. And last night while driving the tach started to malfunction. Looking for an easy button on these issues. The drivetrain only has 98xxx kms on it. It's a 99 Chevy Metro with a 03 Sunfire heart.


Re: Newby Mc newberson
Monday, January 17, 2022 11:46 AM
Pulled the fuel pump back out to find the syphon tube cracked. Fixed that and havent got the P0171 since. Need to drive it more to be sure.

Free radical
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