SEMA International Auto Salon

March 31 - April 2, 2000
Pomona, CA

2000 truly is the year the J-Body explodes onto the Sport Compact scene. Nowhere was this more evident then at the SEMA International Auto Salon. GM answered the challenge of the import market, and people listened.

The domestic market in general is starting to rise up and be heard in the industry previously dominated by imports. Almost half of the cars at this show had badges of Chevrolet, Ford, Pontiac, Saturn and Dodge.

The aftermarket manufacturers were listening. Everywhere you turned, another manufacturer promoting their latest domestic creation. Companies such as AEM, Akimoto, Baer, all were hyping their latest for GM and Ford.

The show was a huge success for GM. Their people are very excited to see what is happening in the sport compact market, and they intend to continue in that direction. Their plans are numerous and impressive. They have come a long way, yet as far as they have come so far - you ain't seen notin yet!