North America International Automobile Show

January 13 - 21, 2001
Detroit, MI

Photos by TeamRVR

The 2001 NAIAS in Detroit, Michigan offered us up a couple of new innovate looks to cars. Personally I had hoped to see more concept cars. But it seems that the auto slow down may be having its effect on new designs as well. But Iím not a car analyst so I wonít get involved.

Domestic cars, which caught my eye, were the Tommy Hillfiger designed Z24. Equipped with the RKsport Ram air hood, RKsport front combat bumper, 4 Red racing seats, and many extras this 2000 Z24 was a great attribute to the domestic compact scene. Dodge gave us a view of the new designed Viper this year, with pretty much identical headlight assemblies and ram air hood as last year concept viper the GTS-R. While I personally was less impressed with the new design in the tail section. Never the less look for a new style viper on the roads soon!

A couple of the new cars that look sure fire ready for production are, The MINI Cooper, Acura was showing off itís what appeared to be next generation Integra. Chevrolet had a mass production Z24 sedan on hand. The Z24 sedan hood was locked down I wanted to find out if they massaged the 2.4 a little more since itís a four-door version. Hopefully someone in Chicago or else where on the tour gets that chance.

There was also a new yellow Sunfire on tour. Equipped with m3 style carbon fiber mirrors, Rksportís ram air hood and spoiler. It also had new side skirts and front/rear valences on the body. Topped off with some chrome wheels. I was unable to reach a Pontiac rep, for the full name of this vehicle.

We were unable to get into and under a lot of the cars, as I went on a supplier day, but was very thankful to avoid all the extra people, as well as a gang riot and a scare. I look forward to next year seeing more new wild concept cars.

This just again proves overall never to be a disappointing show each year

Michael Wear