7th Annual J-Body Bash

August 6 - 7, 2004
Thompson Drag Raceway & GM Lordstown Assembly


Random Fun
Warning: content may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive viewers.

"The finale," What did it mean? This question was on the minds of many 2004 J-Bash attendees. Some knew there was more in store in the future, others expressed doubt that this event would continue past this, the seventh consecutive year. The answer was finally revealed, as promised some time ago.

While it is true the "J-Bash" is no more, the spirit of the event lives on in an expanded form as the new GM Small Car Bash. All the things that everyone enjoys in the J-Bash will be there, but now many more small car enthusiasts, including the Saturn Ion, Chevrolet Aveo, and the soon to be released Chevrolet Cobalt, are invited to join the festivities.

Of course, this was still the J-Bash, and quite a bash it was. With nighttime drag racing, a car show at the Lordstown Assembly plant, and all the many parties small and large, a good time was never hard to find.

Some attendees joked, "Isn't this supposed to be a car event?" Despite the racing and the show, to most, the bash was not just a car event. People came from all over the US and Canada not only to show off their car, but to get to know the people that make up this organization. The fun environment was not because of the event, but because of the people that this event attracted.

From sitting around with others at the track and plant, to hotel tailgate parties, to the various clubs and other locations that some went to, there was a unique atmosphere. People who had otherwise never met, and lived in different parts of the continent, could sit and talk as if they had known each other their entire lives. It is this friendly environment that keeps people coming back. This is the reason it has been said time and time again to those who planned on canceling because of car trouble, "come to the event anyway, it's not about the car."

The GM Small Car Bash has a strong base to begin from. Seven years of J-Bashes has taught many lessons about how to organize a successful and fun event. With Tim and Tonya Shilling behind the planning and organization, the future is bright for this event.