October 31 - November 3, 2000
Las Vegas, NV




The JBO Representatives - Tim Schilling, Matt Teske, Chris Laverty and David Piasecki arrive at Las Vegas, Nevada. The evening is spent getting familiar with the city. The good stuff begins on Thursday though.

This is a message from Matt Teske, JBO Corporate Relations Executive, discussing the outcome of the SEMA Show and what was accomplished.

Fellow J-Body Enthusiasts,

Hello, this is Matt Teske, J-Body Organization Corporate Relations Executive. I would like to start off by saying that the J-Body is well on its way to being a focal point in the aftermarket for sport compact cars. As one of the delegates that recently attended the SEMA show on behalf of ALL J-Body owners, I am glad to say that new parts and ideas are coming and it is all due to us, the J-Body community. Our continued enthusiasm and persistence have helped to boost the J-Body to new levels in both the eyes of the consumer and aftermarket part developers. As for the rumors of things being “classified”, I would like to put that to an end right now. Here is a list of only some of the new products that are all ready available and some that are being researched for the J-Body, along with contact numbers for the companies:

  1. Aerogear
    - Body work including fenders, hoods and bumpers
    - Call (888) 215-9375 for more info
  2. Venom
    - Engine work including Nitrous, intake manifolds, fuel rails, and much more
  3. Mantaray Motorsports Racing (MMR)
    - Body work*, gauges, carbon fiber accessories*
    - Call (888) 542-3626 for more info
  4. Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT)
    - Racing clutches*
    - Call (661) 947-7791 for more info
  5. Elite Products
    - Custom leather interiors
    - Call (800) 950-9502 for more info
  6. Injen Technology
    - Short ram air intake for 2.4L engine
  7. RKSport
    - New body kit for Sunfire and Cavalier*
    - Call (800) 214-8030 for more info
  8. American Products Company (APC)
    - Custom side mirrors w/ turn signal, projection headlights*, clear corners for 2000 Cavalier*, indiglo gauges for 2000 Cavalier


This only a list of SOME of the products that will be or are already available for the J-Body, there is more to come. The SEMA show was a success for all J-Bodies owners. The delegates that attended the SEMA show were there for the soul purpose of strengthening the J-Body in the aftermarket and to make sure the parts WE all want are being researched and produced. We are all in the J-Body Organization for the same reason, the passion for our cars, and that is what I am, as well as the other delegates, trying to convey to aftermarket companies and GM. We have grown greatly in the past three years and things are only looking better. I hope that we can all enjoy OUR success as an Organization and continue to grow as a community. If you have any questions concerning the availability for a product or about a product not listed above, simply e-mail me. I hope this update has been informative and good luck to all of you and your J-Bodies.

Matt Teske
The J-Body Organization
Corporate Relations Executive