Y2K Clear Corner Lights
By Marco Raponi (WCKID Z)

This modification requires only a few simple tools and requires no other parts. It is a relatively simple modification which will only require time to complete.

  1. Open hood, remove plastic holders that hold your black covering on your lights. Remove the black protectant covering.
  2. When you remove the black covering, you will see the 2 bolts that hold your headlight in place - unscrew those. When your headlights are loose, unscrew and remove the headlight bulb and the corner light bulb. Take both headlights and corner lights off the car. Separate the corners from the headlights so it allows you to work much easier on the corner light.

    Note: There are no screws that hold the corner light to the headlights, it is simply a clip that detaches from the headlight.

  3. You will notice that the orange piece that covers the light bulb is made from a very thick, durable plastic and will be difficult to remove.

    Use a dremel tool or some other tool that can cut (ie. a drill fitted with a cutting bit), that fits inside the small hole where the bulb goes. From the opening, begin cutting away at the orange plastic covering. Make small pieces, and don't worry about the orange dust and the pieces falling in the corner lens.

    After cutting the pieces, remove them all from the inside of the corner lens.

    Once you have done that you will notice that the orange still remains stuck to the lens. Use a screwdriver and hit the remains that are stuck to the lens and it should pop off. Pull that through the opening and your done with the hardest procedure in the entire operation.

    Important Note: When cutting the plastic, make sure that you don't cut or hit the outside of the corner lens where the light bulb goes on. If you do you might cause it to leak or possibly not be able to have the bulb fit its mount again. Be CAREFUL.

  4. With the corner light in your hand, turn it to the side, the side where it mounts up against the headlight. You will notice a blue sticker (sticker is round, it may be different colour). Remove the sticker and you will expose a small hole. You will then be able to see the orange reflector. Place a small screwdriver in the hole, and hammer it with a bit of force making sure you don't damage the corner light. The orange reflector will begin to crack. Keep hammering it gently until the entire piece breaks off and falls inside the corner light.

    Note: Make sure you don't shake the corner light aggressively because it does scratch easily. If the pieces are too large to remove through the hole, get a pair of cutting pliers and try grabbing the plastic pieces with the pliers and cutting them into smaller ones to make them fit when taking them out.

  5. The stock light bulb is a rather dim yellowish colour. You can buy Xenon Hyperwhites for the corner lens from most performance shops to make it look nice and clear.

    Be sure to wash out any orange pieces and dust with water and allow the corner to dry overnight. Make sure you get rid of any water before reinstalling, or it will condensate. Be sure to tape up the side of the corner lens where the sticker was, to make sure that water doesn't get in.

    You are now done. Reassemble everything and you now have clear corners.