Fog lights + High beams on a 95+ J-body
1995+ J-bodies with stock fog lamps have an annoying feature - they turn off when the high beams are turned on. In order to fix that, follow along:

Open the hood and look between the front bumper and radiator. There are two relays mounted (with plastic snaps) to the back of the bumper. The larger one located by the passenger side headlight controls the fog lamp operation when the high beams are on. The smaller one located toward the middle of the bumper controls the fog lamp operation when the low beams are on via the dash switch. Pop the large relay on the passenger loose from the bumper and remove the electrical tape to access the wiring. The wires to be concerned with are one black and one green/white striped. Look at the bottom of the relay where the wires are entering and find the numbers stamped on the base. The pole "30" has a black wire, cut this one (there are two so look carefully at the numbers on the relay). Next cut the green/white stripe wire. After this wire has been cut, tape off the end going into the large relay. Next you will need to connect the remaining three ends together (two black and one green/white stripe) , I used a "butt connector". Re-tapethe wires, pop the relay back in place.

Instructions by Vincent