Tuner Tube Removal

Purpose Of This Modification

By removing your tuner tube, you can increase the sound of your car, as well as increase performance by 1-2 horsepower. This mod is relatively simple and can be performed by most anyone. The purpose of the tuner tube is to slow and smooth the incoming air as it passes thru the intake system into the throttle body. By removing it, you allow the air to pass more freely (although still restricted by the restrictive air intake itself). Note- The tuner tube is found on the 2.4 L models ONLY. 2.2 owners, you were spared the fun of removing this gizmo!


1- When looking at your 2.4 L engine, you should see a flat, black cover directly in front of the engine block itself. Remove the S-Tube (the 'S' shaped tube that directly into this cover, and then curves over to the airbox).
2- If you look inside the inlet (toward the inside of the engine), you will notice a lip where the tuner tube attaches to the sidewalls of the inlet. Using a screwdriver, pry at this lip, and you should be able to get ahold of this tuner tube and remove it! Voila!