Installing clear corner lenses on a 95+ J-body
  1. Raise hood.
  2. With a pair of pliers, remove the black fasteners securing the black shield in the front. There should be 6 - 7 of them. (To remove them, take pliers and raise the head of the fastener. Then pull the whole thing out.)
  3. Remove black shield.
  4. Remove the top bolts securing the head lamp assembly (they should both be located on top). Two per head lamp.
  5. Remove head lamp gently without pulling too hard on the wires. It is not necessary to remove the light bulb.
  6. Unplug the light from the side signal light.
  7. Remove the three bolts that secure the side signal light.
  8. Remove signal light and install clear corner lights. Change bulb if desired.
  9. Reinstall head lamps and shield.