Anthony Garcia


Location: Colorado Springs,Co
Last Update: Saturday, March 19, 2005
Last Seen: Thursday, August 11, 2016

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1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Body Style: Coupe
Color: black
Engine: 2.2L I4 OHV
Transmission: Manual
Interior: redoing it, I jacked it up.
Purchase Date: July 97
Purchased From: Orlando

Quarter Mile Timeslips:
 09:37 PM - 07/Nov/02 - Fayetteville Motorsports Park (16.3584@82.59)
 02:08 PM - 26/Jan/03 - Fayetteville Motorsports (16.2758@81.13)
 09:53 PM - 02/Oct/03 - Fayetteville Motorsports Park (16.1939@83.19)
 10:00 PM - 02/Oct/03 - Fayetteville Motorsports Park (16.0944@84.04)
 11:29 PM - 04/Oct/03 - Fayetteville Motorsports Park (15.9780@84.57)


  • Custom cold air intake
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Focus DTM Muffler
  • 8mm Accel spark plug wires
  • Bosch platinum spark plugs
  • OBX Header
  • 1.6 Comp Cams Roller Rockers
  • ASP Pulley
  • Grounded with 4 gauge wire
  • Upper and Lower Mounts from Car Customs
  • Control Arm Bushings from Car Customs
  • Ported Throttle Body
  • For cheap mods: get a smaller belt to exclude the A/C. I have the ASP Pulley so the belt to exclude the A/C compressor is 685K6. Dremel your Throttle body to get rid of any lips and make it smooth. (Doesn't mean messing around the throttle butterfly. Just the lips.)
  • Eibach Springs
  • Stripped it down. I jacked it up trying to paint it so going to redo the whole interior.
  • Prokits front bumper
  • Razzi side skirts
  • Currently on the waiting to install list:
  • Class Glass X2 Fiberglass Hood.
  • Stripped it out.
  • bigger throttle body
  • port and polishing