Joe Morgan


Location: Madison,WI
Last Update: Monday, November 26, 2012
Last Seen: Monday, August 14, 2023


1993 Pontiac Sunbird SE

About This Vehicle:

This Sunbird is 1 of only 14 Sunbird SE coupes built in 1993 in code 52 Yellow with a 3.1 V-6/5-speed (confirmed through Pontiac). In addition, only 10% of the Sunbirds built that year had tan interiors. So 10% of 14 makes this one VERY RARE bird indeed, maybe 1 of a kind.

Body Style: Coupe
Color: Code 52 Yellow
Engine: 3.1L V6 MPFI
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Tan
Purchase Date: 10/30/92
Purchased From: Yoder Pontiac, Zelienople, PA
Build Date: 10/92

Quarter Mile Timeslips:
 05:13 PM - 17/Apr/94 - Keystone Raceway - With 40K miles on car & new Hypertech Thermomaster (15.416@86.54)
 06:36 PM - 25/Apr/01 - Great Lakes Dragaway - Best ET this year, with 140K miles on the odometer (15.703@85.29)
 01:32 PM - 06/Oct/01 - Cordova, IHRA Division 5, Bracket Finals (15.528@86.56)
 03:59 PM - 18/Jun/05 - Cordova - Best run on Drag Radials with 150K miles on original motor! (15.669@85.73)
 09:51 AM - 23/Apr/06 - Great Lakes Dragaway - Best run of 2006 on Drag Radials with 151K miles on original motor (15.654@85.00)
 03:27 PM - 14/Apr/07 - Great Lakes Dragaway, New 2.5" exhaust and better shift points with nearly 152,000 miles on motor. (15.471@86.52)


  • Hypertech Thermomaster Chip
  • 160 thermostat
  • 3 angle valve job at 100K miles
  • throttle position enhancer
  • 2 1/2" custom mandrel-bent exhaust w/ no catalytic converter and Dynomax Turbo muffler
  • cold air induction (via modified Z-24 hood and air intake)
  • 62mm TB from FDP (via Thanks Wes)
  • Intake ported to match TB
  • TB Heater Bypass
  • JBP poly front mount
  • Heavy-Duty Rear Shocks (to keep front end planted on drag strip)
  • 215/60R15 Michelin Pilots
  • 205/50R15 BFGoodrich G-Force Drag Radials for the track
  • Heavy Duty front struts
  • AutoMeter shift light with RPM activated module for consistant shifting in bracket racing
  • '93 Z-24 fiberglass hood modified for direct cold-air induction
  • painted to match body with WS6 "Ram Air" decals
  • None
  • The stock AM/FM with cassette from the factory is pretty good. If you want real music roll down both windows and floor it.
  • I finally toasted the original transaxle at about 145K miles so it was sent out to be completely rebuilt
  • The new tranny was done so well that I toasted one of the original C-V joints so I replaced those as well
  • I have broken the inner driver's side C-V joint & the broken the driver's side axle shaft (possible casting flaw) & the inner passenger's side C-V joint
  • The future is almost now!
  • Original engine is being replaced by a balanced & blueprinted 3.1 bored over .060" 3.24l/198 cu. in.(Silvolite skirt coated Hypereutectic pistons p/n 1496c / Hastings piston rings / ARP rod bolts / reconditioned stock crank and rods / Melling Hi-Vol oil pump )with a Crane 272 cam (shortblock built by Bailey Motor Sports of Sun Prairie WI)/2000 GM #25323971 injectors/rails/fpr.
  • The shortblock is on the engine stand in my basement right now
  • Ben from 60* will be porting the upper & lower MPFI intakes reworking the heads (new springs/valves/etc) and custom burning a chip for me.
  • I am having a custom set of headers built for the car as well.
  • I hope to have the new engine together and in the car by mid-summer.
  • Hope for close to 200 HP at the crank and 1/4s in the mid-14s or better!