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1997 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

About This Vehicle:

Car ran 13.68 @100.76mph Built N/A engine and Built nvg-t550 tranny.
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Body Style: Coupe
Color: Manta Green/Gunmetal 2-Tone
Engine: 2.4L DOHC
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Graphite and black
Purchase Date: June 18th, 2005
Purchased From: some guy
Build Date: June 30th, 2006 - wh

Manufacturer Options

  • Z24
  • Sunroof
  • Electric mirrors
  • Rear defrost
  • ABS
  • AC
  • Cruise Control


  • Engine bay shaved and painted camo - black/gunmetal/manta green
  • 2.4l Twin Cam block bored .040 over
  • Block's oil passages bored
  • 2.3l Oil Pump Conversion
  • Melling 2.3 oil pump
  • Diamond domed forged pistons (crowns coated with TBC - skirts with moly friction ruducing coating)
  • Eagle H Beam Rods
  • Balanced Rotating Assembly (+/- 1 gram)
  • Balanced Crankshaft
  • Modded LD9 Oil Pan (bottom extended for pickup clearance)
  • Ported & Polished LD9 head (HO intake manifold port matched)-(combustion chamber smoothing and shaping done by Tim Baker -(combustion chambers coated with TBC)
  • Cometic .030 MLS head gasket
  • 87-88 2.3L Quad 4 Cam towers (smoothed style)
  • HO 2.3L Quad 4 "LG0" Camshafts
  • Clevite 2.3 Quad 4 35mm "Lightweight" lifters
  • 1mm oversized stainless steel swirl polished valves (heads coated with TBC)
  • HO Quad 4 valve springs
  • Trick titanium Retainers - (Thanks Clyde Moore)
  • Felpro gasket set
  • Ported HO 2.3 Quad 4 Intake Manifold
  • Northstar 75mm tb
  • Custom long tube header (made by me)
  • 3" side exit exhaust (made by me) K&N cone filter
  • Level Zero Motorsports solid aluminum upper mount
  • RK Sport lower engine mount
  • Ebay Aluminum Underdrive Crank Pulley
  • Ford Brown Top Injectors
  • accel Adjustable fuel pressure regulator HP Tuners custom tune by Wrench Monkey and Excessive Autosports
  • Swapped NVG-t550 tranny-rebuilt
  • Team Green Lsd Insert with custom stiffer springs
  • Unorthodox (Aasco) aluminum flywheel
  • Clutchmasters FX400 Clutch
  • Turbo Tech Racing poly. trans mounts
  • B&M short throw shifter
  • Volk two peice 16" by 7" forged aluminum rims Tein ss pro coilovers
  • Custom front and rear steel strut tower braces (made by me)
  • Slotted and cross drilled front rotors
  • RK Sport subframe brace Subframe painted green to match Tein's N-body aluminum control arms (painted gold to match Tein's)
  • Porthane poly. control arm bushings
  • Custom built aluminum dash(made by me)
  • Auto Meter oil pressure & EGT gauges
  • AEM UEGO wideband with gauge
  • Fiberglass bucket seats
  • Fiberglass 'scoote' style hood (only has top slanted scoops and not front scoop)
  • 00-02 Z24 Spoiler
  • Shaved Badges
  • Modded front bumper with mesh grill
  • shaved trunk lid (made by me)
  • Pioneer cd player
  • "N/A Madness" silver banner decals on top of front and rear glass
  • heat system
  • AC system
  • ABS
  • air bags
  • EVAP system
  • wipers
  • rear bumper support
  • back seat
  • door panels
  • carpet
  • spare tire and jack
  • Car weighs 2300 with me in it
  • 259+whp and 12 second 1/4 mile passes ALL MOTOR.