Mike Pargiello


Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
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1995 Chevrolet C1500 W/T

About This Vehicle:

Bought as a complete project truck. Body is very clean standard cab long box, Only needed cab corners and drivers side rocker. Previous owner paid $1,000 for it the year prior, Dumped a little over $2,000 in new/rebuilt parts. Paid $400 to a couple hacks to put in a new motor, They couldn't get it running because they did it all wrong. Owner got fed up and put it up for sale for $500. I decided I couldn't really lose on the deal so I bought it. Within the past year with the previous owner it has had new brakes, master cylinder, slave cylinder, new engine, new clutch, throwout bearing, rebuilt 5 speed manual, new rear end, new tires, wheel bearings, and a bunch of other things. Project will officially start in the spring. *Sold to my brother in March 2011. Priorities have changed in life due to getting married and I am comfortable with just playing with my cavalier. I sold it to my brother because he is good with them, Owns a matching truck, and has the same vision basically for it. Can't wait to help get it finished with him. This truck will still be around, But in more able hands :) Glad I sold it to my brother to carry out this project

Body Style: Truck
Color: Dark Green- SOLD To my brother
Engine: 4.3L V6
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Tan
Purchase Date: 12-17-10
Purchased From: Private Seller


  • Mildly built 350 swap
  • 4/6 drop - Front 2 inch drop spindles and 2 inch drop springs - Rear Axle flip kit (6 inch drop)
  • Drop shocks
  • C-notch
  • SS454 wheels
  • Full aluminum radiator
  • E-fans
  • Tint
  • Roll pan
  • Shaved tailgate
  • Shaved emblems
  • Logoless '98 GMC grille swap
  • 12 way tan leather Bonneville buckets
  • POR-15 the entire frame/underbody
  • Line-x bedliner
  • Fiberglass tonneau