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1993 Ford Ranger

About This Vehicle:

traded a 91 corsica for this. Previous owner spun it out and hit a tractor trailer, needed a Quarter panel, left fender, rad support, lights , grille, bumper, and a Real hard pull on the frame machine. Its not bad, 120,000 miles, the 4wd works, and its good on gas. end result Photobucket

Body Style: Truck
Color: blue
Engine: 3.0
Transmission: Manual
Interior: blue
Purchased From: Some guy who crashed


  • whimpy 3.0 has a hard time pulling itself around. It will smoke the tires if ya dump the clutch though.
  • Got some new aluminum 15x8 ION wheels
  • they look sweet with the knobby mud tires.
  • some custom diamond plate accents.
  • All repainted
  • ready for some snow!!
  • A 2500 watt power inverter and additional huge Interstate deep cycle battery was installed in the bed for camping and some side job construction work. I Got the biggest Interstate battery that would fit under the hood and tied both together. I have ran everything from a coffee pot to a circular saw off of it with no problems.
  • I was going to run it in the ground but its got 133K on it now and shows no signs of stopping so the improvements keep coming.