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What is a J-Body?
A "J-Body" or "J-car" is any of General Motors J-platform vehicles. These include: Buick SkyHawk Cadillac Cimarron Chevrolet Cavalier Oldsmobile Fire...
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How do I disable my speed governor / limiter?
In short, you don't. For legal reasons, the topic of speed limiter removal is not to be discussed on this site. It is illegal to drive that fast. Of c...
   10-10-2005   Replies: 2
How do I get sponsored?
Do not confuse online sponsorship scams like RacerX, Sport Compact Pro, carsponsorships.com or needsponsors.com like a real sponsorship. These online ...
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Is there a "black box" in my car?
All third-generation J-body cars (1995 through 2005 models) have a crash data recorder as part of the airbag system. For the 1995 model year, airbag...
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How do you pronounce "Ecotec"?
Officially, GM's correct pronunciation is "echo tech" or "eko tek". However, GM recognizes the other pronunciation of "eco tech" or "eek o tek", as m...
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Recommended Reading
General Motors Chevrolet Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire Automotive Repair Manual: 1995 thru 1998 All Models (Haynes...
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