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Who makes upgraded struts/shocks/dampers for the J-body?
Struts and shocks come in many flavors. Check with your friends and other enthusiasts for stories and testimonials on these. They're almost as subject...
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What about camber kits?
Camber kits are useful if you plan to run in some Solo or Autocross events, to get more negative camber and obtain better suspension work in the corne...
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What is a strut tower brace/bar?
Strut tower braces or bars are intended to eliminate strut tower deflection and increase chassis rigidity to reduce suspension distortion from acceler...
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What is a subframe brace?
A subframe brace fits between the two A-arms on the front suspension and ties the lower suspension together to eliminate lower A-arm flex during hard ...
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What is a sway bar?
Anti-roll (or sway) bars improve lateral stability without stiffening normal suspension movement. Anti-roll bars minimize body roll, which stabilizes ...
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What is a tie bar?
A tie bar stiffens the rear of the car by tying both sides of the lower suspension sway bar attachment points together. It is an additional add-on pie...
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Upgrading your control arms
The stock front lower control arms (or A-arms) are made from stamped steel and coupled with failure-prone rubber bushings have a considerable amount o...
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What is that "loose lumber" sound coming from my trunk?
Some 1996 and 1997 model year J-body cars had this sound. It came from a bad strut mount on the rear suspension. GM has issued a technical service b...
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Where can I get a roll bar/cage?
Jegs carries 4-point, 8-point, 10-point and 12-point cages. Autopower makes a roll bar/cage for the J-body, and can be purchased from any Autpower dis...
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My car makes strange noises when Iím turning, what is it?
If itís a creaking or popping sound when turning the wheels side to side, either while moving or stopped, itís probably your front strut mounts or a s...
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