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Re: cavalier world ecu upgrade
Friday, August 28, 2015 12:57 PM
Matt Linke wrote:


I've boosted a lot of d series Hondas but boosting this thing would be cool as hell i would love to see peoples faces. And 13s for this thing? Give me that all day that was pretty much my goal to begin with i had an evo back in the day when i had my own business and it only ran 13.2 best time i ever hit. If you don't mind my asking what all did you piece together what you find works and didn't work well with this motor. And it runs like a champ but is nearing 160k so will the turbo kill it or can i expect to atleast see her live in to the low 200ks?

on my first setup i had a lot of ebay parts. Log manifold, ebay gate and bov. ebay charge pipes fmic etc. Bolted it on and tuned with HPT on a set of 60's.

Nothing really special at all.

Second setup was a built motor. everything is in my profile. The "future" mods of spec 4 and tires were on the car when i ran the 12.8 with it (which was pathetic for the power it had but whatev). I made a lot of the parts.

if i was looking to do a stock motor i would get everything that i had on the second setup minus one fuel pump and the fuel lines. Id run it like 8psi and see what happened. The turbo mani was easy to make. i took a pacesetter header and cut it in half and welded on a merge/flange.

This thread has most of it:

That setup was probably good for some 11's im sure if not more (it was tuned for like 10psi higher than i ran it on track day). Needed an lsd, 2-step, and some seat time though.

That's seriously respectable numbers man. If i can pull 13s reliable out of this car and not lose ac or power steering i am fn down to clown around lol any advice on parts and set ups I'm all ears.

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