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Interesting - Under Dash
Saturday, April 26, 2008 8:57 PM
Hey Board-

I have been working with slowolej (Shannen) on getting my ecm upgraded. In the process, I have changed ecms (6000 series to 7000 series) and have had to change some things under the dash. I ended up changing the ECM holder (expected), but I also had to change the glovebox liner. The one on my 84 is deeper due to the way the ecm sat under the dash. The newer ecm sits more forward and requires the smaller liner.

Thought some of you may find that interesting. I am learning something every day about these cars.

Re: Interesting - Under Dash
Sunday, April 27, 2008 9:31 AM
Paul- You need to write a how-to manual since you've been deeper into these cars than most. Its always fun reading where you're at.

What is the difference between the ECM's? Is the 7000 series a later model ECM?

Re: Interesting - Under Dash
Sunday, April 27, 2008 11:43 AM

MIne came stock with a 6430. The 2.0 Turbo cars, and many MY 1988 and later cars came with a 7151 ECM. Shannen has helped me by creating a jumper harness to bridge from the old harness to the new computer, and burning a custom MEMCAL (or PROM) chip. This enables me to modify for higher boost with out manual workarounds like a manal boost controller and MAP bleed. My car is set to push about 7 lbs of boost stock.

With the new computer, I can also plug in to the ECM via the ALDL connector (same OBD1 cable I use on my 94 Camaro) to see what is going on. Through this means, I can verify that I now get almost 10lbs of boost in 2nd and third gears.

Changing the ECM sounded very straightforward, but there were a few things like bypassing the EST (not needed on the newer computers) and getting the underdash plastic squared away. There are more than enough 88+ sunbirds in the u pick it by my house so I have plenty of donors available. I had a cracked heater duct that I had been wanting to replace for a while - I got the whole lot of underdash plastic for $6. Tough to argue with that. The donor car had a center arm rest which would be nice. I just have to find one in grey.

Shannen obviously has been key. He knows so much about tuning these cars...

After I get the parking brake squared away (almost there), the new tire on, and my sub back in, we are on to a larger exhaust. The pipes on there are tiny. It does have a nice sound, but would be much better with a 2.5" cat-back. The only other restoration stuff is mirrors and weatherstripping for the back windows. Besides that, I am pretty much where I want to be.

Re: Interesting - Under Dash
Sunday, April 27, 2008 8:49 PM
I have mine torn ALL apart as stated in my other post about parts.I laughed my azz off when I dropped the oil pan NO GASKET just sealer I was like WTF.Its all clean now and plan of doing a fel pro gasket and using permatex's the right stuff gasket sealer (THE BEST) when I do the reinstall I am contamplating replacing the oil pump or at a rebuild being all the work I am doing.It really is easy work but I am repainting parts when its done it will be sweet!!!!! PICs will be coming of my progress as I get stuff complete.

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