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New, with a few questions!
Thursday, May 11, 2023 9:14 AM
Hi all, in the process of picking up a '93 Sunbird. It's a $600 car so needs some TLC, but it's a strong runner & trans seems pretty happy (or at least as happy as a 125C can be ). No stranger to pre-2000 GM nonsense, but this'll be the first FWD vehicle I've ever owned directly. As one would expect, I have some questions...

Cluster (except the temp gauge) is dead. PO says he took it out to swap bulbs when cheapo twist-lok sockets crumbled on him. Gas gauge pegs past F he says that means probably bad ground. Do these use the film with copper foil inside for the cluster like older GM's do?

The brakes are waaaay down on the pedal, at least a good 6-8" of travel, really stiff engagement too. Fairly sure this isn't normal, but wanted to make sure.

The little guide thingies that keep the window inside the tracks are missing. My buddy's friend used to own one & he says they made replacements out of bent aluminum. Is there a better way to do this (nylon nuts/bolts + loctite? 3D printed?)

I've heard I can put an F40 / F23 in these? Are there any better autos that'll fit in without too much hacking? Main goal is reasonable cruise RPM @ 75-85mph.

PO says there's a leak from the windshield somewhere, enough to fill the floor pan a little bit. Is there a common area where the glue fails?

Does anybody make cams for the LE4 2.0L?

Also ISO a hood, carpet & headliner (gray) & driver door panel. I'll take a set from a platform mate if I have to, it's better than no panel at all.


Re: New, with a few questions!
Friday, May 12, 2023 2:32 AM
Hello and welcome!

You can probably find a hood without too much trouble. Any 2nd gen, Phase 2 hood will work, including Z24 hood (though you would need the breather setup to get functional cowl induction).
Carpet and headliner can be found at Stock Interiors. Great place, bought from them many times. They will send you samples, if you request them.
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