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Holy @!#$, my cavalier looks like complete crap.
Sunday, June 05, 2016 2:08 PM
I literally stopped taking of its appearance due to the fact that the paint is far gone and the interior all cracked, so I not longer give a @!#$, because of this, it has gone to @!#$ pretty fast, the paint is twice as worse and interior super cracked. I need wash and clean it, but still not gonna make any difference, god damn, only reason i dont take care of it, is because i see no point in wasting money on something that is too far gone, i'd rather save that for my next car

I have like 15k saved up, but I need more cash for something decent. My headlight are so far gone, that not even new headlight bulbs will help it lmao my only option is to get new headlight which run for $80, fuk that, i dont even drive at night anyway

surprisingly the car works perfectly fine and only has 72k miles

im a good looking guy so it sucks to be seen driving such a @!#$ty car, especially in front of females, i should be driving an infinity or lexus wtf

swallow my pride and be patient and my time will come i guess

Re: Holy @!#$, my cavalier looks like complete crap.
Monday, June 13, 2016 9:03 PM
I wish I were rich instead of good looking too bud.
Re: Holy @!#$, my cavalier looks like complete crap.
Sunday, October 09, 2016 4:37 AM
Damn $15 k and you can't afford newer, nicer car? Hell make friends with local used car lot owner. My buddy, who I now am tech for pi led up 06 Xterra clean, 112k and antifreeze damaged trans. He gonna sell it for like less than $8k.
Heck $10k can get you sweet wheels with cash to mod.
Biggest thing is if you can get them to help find nice ride at auction it may have issues.
Heck I was given an 05 Grand Prix GTP with bad short block, but didn't pick it up quick enough so they gave to someone else. Now I want another one.
Used to have98 regal till wrecked it. It was $350 used, $275 trans , new tie rod, front tires and my old battery from my 91 Cavalier. Got it with 131k drove it 2 1/2 yrs, to 205k then wrecked it.
Find wholesale cars that need work before dealers dump at auction.
That Regal wound up costing nothing as month after I started driving a fell driving Ford truck with tow hooks in front tagged me in back, pokedhole in bumper cover. Instead of taking to body shop I priced new cover and pint of paint he gave me $450 and it was done. So cheap cars that look good are around, Craigslist has decent cars of all makes, heck look for body you like, buy cheap with bad engine/trans/ minor damage. Drive Cavalier, fix next car then find young kid wanting first car and sell Cavalier. Heck I found 05 GTP with .mismatched rear bumper for $1100, but I'm still digging out from losing job. After I wrecked car.
Recently I ought and sold 98 to my buddy, now buying 04 4dr, needs timing set, may need to pull head and replace valves, but wont know till TC set is in and try to start it.
Gave $250 for car, minor damage around left rear tail light, so picked up full set of 2000 tail lights, gonna see what they look like.
Had one glazed light but mini buffer and mother headlight polish fixed it ok.
Re: Holy @!#$, my cavalier looks like complete crap.
Wednesday, March 01, 2017 12:18 AM
Get a new car. You can afford it.
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