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1998 Pontiac pontiac

About This Vehicle:

I got this car back in college I drove it like an old granny for about the first 6 months after I bought it. I never realized how much power it had for a 4 cyl untill I fiannly mashed my foot through the floor board one day at a stop light. After that I was hooked, it was a honda eater. Beafore that I always figured it was a weak pos becuae it was a 4 cyl and it was a gm. Now I love the car we've seen a lot of fun times together. *tear*

Body Style: Sedan
Color: metalic red
Engine: 2.4 ltr twin cam
Interior: cloth charcoal grey
Purchase Date: jan 2000


  • 10:1 cr .040 wiseco pistons
  • 1mm over sized stanless steal valves
  • head ported and polished slightly milled for straightness
  • secrete cam swap
  • ground to 219 @50 .415 intake
  • 206 @50 .390 exhaust
  • bull nosed crank
  • eagle rods
  • jbp balance shaft blanks
  • ho pully soon to be changed to a aluminum under drive pully
  • weapon r dragon cold air intake
  • full custom 2.5 inch exhaust
  • working on the pace setter header to make it fit. Ford browntop injectors bored tb Hp tuners.
  • 2 inch intrax lowering springs
  • konig 17 rims
  • avon 225 45 17
  • st shocks and struts