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2005 Chevrolet cavalier

About This Vehicle:

The color,i still get compliments about that. I do have a full xtreme tuner body kit, but haven't installed it yet. I want to make sure the car can handle and stop on a dime,before installing it.

Body Style: Coupe
Color: sunburst orange metallic
Engine: 2.2 eco
Transmission: Manual
Interior: graphite
Purchase Date: 06/2005
Purchased From: Paul Blanco Chevrolet
Build Date: 2013-2014

Manufacturer Options

  • None. I wanted it to be as light as possible.


  • Install xtreme tuner kit
  • d-specs w/ eibach springs
  • Swaybars and strut bars
  • Rksport pro wing
  • cai with rsm tb
  • header back exhaust ( 2.25 )
  • Stage 2+ SPEC clutch
  • TTR motor and trans mounts.