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1998 Chevrolet cavalier

About This Vehicle:

wifes car, one of my salvage rebuilds when I bought it with 15k on it, I had to put a front structure section in it all the way to the firewall on the drivers side, A whole front clip including rads ,a transmission and I had to weld the rear bell housing ear back to the engine block. It was a deal I couldnt pass up. Currently with 110,000 miles on it, I think I had 3 thousand in it. Its been a good car and still going.

Body Style: Sedan
Color: blue
Engine: 2.2
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: charcoal

Manufacturer Options

  • A cup holder that makes your cup always in the way. Good job GM!!!!


  • 2200
  • stock
  • cheap tweeeeeed cavy seats
  • bluuueee paint
  • It has a cassette :)
  • Looks like rust in its future. Bottoms of the doors are starting to show rust coloring from the outside. Cant ask for much from a car that has mother nature washes only.