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1993 Chevrolet Cavalier

About This Vehicle:

Featured on Onderground Design's website, and 2004 Catalog for the Cavalier Sport body kit.

Took Second place in bass off at the beach summer 2003 with old system set up. 1 1600 Watt Audiobahn 12 in custom ported box running off of a MA Audio Line driver and an Autotec Super Sport 325 Amp. it hit about 150 on the DB meeter... Now im running that same speaker and box off of a Audiobahn A3200E (3200 Watts Class E)... needs to be db tested.

This car is now gone. Sold to the junkyard, and has been crushed with everything on it.

Body Style: Coupe
Color: This car has been Junked and Crushed.
Engine: 2.2L I4 OHV
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Custom Orange Pearl&Custom AquaTeal Blue
Purchase Date: 12/20/2000
Purchased From: Private Owner
Build Date: 12/22/1992


  • Fully Built Port and Polished Head
  • Comp. Cam Magnum Roller Rockers
  • Clevite 77 Berring Kit
  • Custom 3 Inch intake
  • K&N filter
  • Custom Catback piping (2 3/4 inch) Dual Tip Hyammi Exhaust
  • Dayton Detroit Universal Shift Kit
  • 17' SCION TC Alloy rims with 205-40-ZR-17 Kumho Ectsa low pro tires
  • Aftermarket Front Strut Bar
  • paint job in progress
  • MX Racing seat covers on 2000 Sunfire Seats
  • MX Racing Upholstered Back Seat
  • Genuine Chevrolet Floor mats
  • 6 10 inch Neon lights (blue) arranged throughout car on pulse mode ... controlled by a switch
  • various switches near shifter controling headlight strobes; audio system; and alarm siren
  • Procarparts Reverse Glo Eurostyle Dash Gauges
  • Sunpro Tach on pillar
  • Sunpro Air/fuel ratio guage
  • Sunpro Voltage Guage
  • Street Glow Gold "Blue" Underbody Lights
  • Onderground Designs Sport kit
  • Shaved Door Handles
  • Autoloc 35 Lb Poppers
  • Custom Widebody
  • BMW M3 Roadster Front Fender Inserts
  • BMW M3 E36 Chassis AFTERMARKET Headlight Conversion (Was Bolted; now Molded)
  • HID
  • Mitsubishi Ecclipse Style Rear Fender Inserts - Functional to cool brakes once i do a rear disc swap
  • BMW E36 Chassis Corner Lenses
  • Aftermarket Wing With Brake Light
  • Aftermarket Sunroof
  • Z24 FIBERGLASS hood with Cowl Scoops cut out functional)
  • Nissan Skyline R32 Chassis Tail Lights
  • Pioneer 8400 head unit
  • FRONT SPEAKERS: Soundstream 6 in Q-logic Q pods (Lows) - MA Audio 3 1/2 In dash (Mids) and SPL dome tweeters (Highs) - Crossed over with MB Quartz 3 way componant Crossovers - controled by a Precision Power (PPI) 25w x 2 RMS amp
  • REAR SPEAKERS: Pioneer 4 way 6 x 9 rear speakers - SPL dome tweeters - SparkoMatic 2 Way 6 x 9s - controlled by an ADS Power Plate 100w x 4 RMS Bridged down to 2 ohms
  • BASS: 1 Audiobahn 1600 Watt RMS 12 Inch Subwoofer (DVC) running at 2 OHM in custom ported box powered by an Audiobahn A3200E (3200 watts Class E)
  • everything is controlled by an MA Audio 3 Way passive crossover
  • 0 guage to bass amp
  • 4 guage to rear amp
  • 10 guage to front amp. 1 Ferat Cap off bass amp (i need to get 2 or 3 more =( )
  • Prestege (audiovox) 2 way pager alarm system w/ remote start; keyless entry; temperature control; and timed start.
  • Tweed for interior (partially Complete)
  • second hyammi exhaust to run on the other side of my body kit...
  • Paint
  • Airbrushing