Robert Rhudy


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1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

About This Vehicle:

This is my wife's car that she bought. His name is Bob which stands for, well I don't know if that's appropriate haha! He's a tank. He's hit many trees, almost fell into a pond, has flown down a not level gravel road at 40mph, overheated who knows how many times and still turns over every single day no problem. It's quite the good little car and I'd love to have my kids have one if they make it that far ha!

Body Style: Sedan
Color: GOLD
Engine: Quad-Four SOHC
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Beige
Purchase Date: Late 2015
Purchased From: Mother-in-law


  • One valve cover fastener snapped so now I have one shiny metal one as opposed to the other black ones.
  • Moved one lug nut from each rear wheel to the front left as two lugs eloped.
  • One of those rubber things you get for your dashboard that you can put your phone on.
  • Bumper has multiple scratches from multiple contact with things
  • real solid patina.
  • Cassette to AUX for phone jams.
  • DOHC Quad Four/DOHC Ecotec
  • update suspension with something more comfy
  • interior overhaul
  • repaint
  • wheel covers/wheels
  • update audio system
  • new trans (not bad now) + trans shift tune
  • window tint.