Mike Heckman


Location: Baltimore, MD
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1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

About This Vehicle:

133k and was still a 14 second family car. This car surprised the hell out of alot of people haha

Body Style: Coupe
Color: red
Engine: 3400 v6
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: charcoal
Purchase Date: september 05
Purchased From: some guy
Build Date: never, it blew up :(


  • Slp catback
  • mms pcm
  • ffp ud pulley
  • 180* tstat
  • custom civic cai with K&n
  • ported lim
  • ported uim with plenum ported to 65mm
  • 65mm billet tce tb
  • tce phenolic intake spacers
  • msd wires
  • capsers fan switch
  • ac delete with ribbed idler pulley
  • prolly some stuff Im forgetting
  • Was gona be ported heads with ls6 springs and 3500 valves
  • s&s headers
  • radials
  • etc etc