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1997 Saturn SC2 ** GONE**

Body Style:
Color: Red
Engine: 1.9L DOHC
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Black/Grey
Purchase Date: May 2000
Purchased From: Majestic Motors, Rosedale, MD


  • Saturn factory "Teardrop" alloys
  • (Made by Enkei)
  • Painting vents/dashboards/cupholders/door handles doesn't make cars faster
  • Indiglo gauges are just plain annoying
  • Aluminum e-brake handles burn your hands in the summer
  • MOST interior mods kill the resale value of a vehicle
  • So no interior mods :)
  • Exterior mods don't make cars faster
  • Lots of vinyl just makes cars heavier
  • "Racing Stripes" belong on Shelby Mustangs
  • Large wings create more drag than downforce
  • Coffee-can exhaust tips just make most cars sound like crap
  • So no exterior mods
  • (unless washing it only 3 times in 4 years counts) :)
  • Kenwood AM/FM/Cassette/Changer control
  • Kenwood 10-disc Changer
  • Altec-Lansing 6.5" speakers front & rear
  • Harada Power Antenna
  • Audiovox 3-channel alarm/remote starter
  • Optimus 2-stage proximity sensor
  • Alex Peper OBD-II <-> Serial interface cable
  • Alex Peper OBD-II Scanning & Data Logging Software
  • AST Ascentia laptop w/datalogging software
  • Custom developed OBD-II EPROM flash software