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1986 Mazda RX-7 (GXL)

About This Vehicle:

Purchased for $300, only rust on the body is on the sunroof. vehicle had an engine bay fire, so the wiring is bootched. the rear rotor has no compression, but otherwise the car is beautiful (for an 86)

Body Style: Coupe
Color: Was red, is now Black.
Engine: 1.3L Rotary
Transmission: Manual
Interior: 2 Seat / Red
Purchase Date: 09-08-2008
Purchased From: Druncle Ray
Build Date: ongoing

Manufacturer Options

  • AAS (automatically adjustable suspension)
  • electronic sunroof
  • cruise control
  • air conditioning
  • clutch type LSD
  • electric windows
  • electric mirrors
  • factory am/fm radio with CD and cassette; 6 speakers


  • need to get it running first
  • stock 15" alloys
  • stock
  • painted black
  • stock; rear speakers replaced with a pair of $5 krakos
  • mild street port
  • lightweight 16" wheels
  • decent suspension