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2000 Chevrolet Cavalier LS

About This Vehicle:

What makes this car stand out?? I dunno, it's a POS really. Got lambo's, drop, partial-shave, some flat black primer

Body Style: Sedan
Color: Black
Engine: 2.2L I4 OHV
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Slate gray(?) and black
Purchase Date: June 2003
Purchased From: Hoskins Chevrolet in Elk Grove, IL (great place!)


  • Removed lower half of Bong
  • chopped off 98% of stock airbox
  • Cherry Bomb (non-welded so it's removeable)
  • 2002 LS Sport Edition Chromes
  • 1.75" drop
  • "Shorty" shifter
  • shift boot on auto
  • partially-painted dash
  • Mostly gutted interior (dash and front door panels are comin' off soon)
  • ---Coming in the future---
  • Rear buckets (just need to make the brackets)
  • full custom-built dash
  • custom-built rear deck
  • full-length center console.
  • De-badge on trunk
  • shaved trunk key hole and antenna
  • modified front bumper
  • lightly tinted outer tails
  • Lambo door kit
  • clear corners
  • 2x 12" Visonik subs
  • Explore(?) amp
  • old JBL 6x9's in back
  • TINT(2.5 in back window - 35% sides)
  • Body kit
  • LONG in the future: 2.4 TT Ecotec RWD
  • Body-Damage repair (damn hail!!!)
  • Too many more to list (some are above)!!!