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2003 Pontiac Sunfire

About This Vehicle:

It was bought used with 35k miles on it. I now has 110k miles. It has been a very reliable car. It was bought because it impressed me by how much up and go it had for having 3 adults in the car with the AC on with an automatic. The Ecotec 2.2 is the selling point.

Body Style: Coupe
Color: Gold
Engine: 2.2 Ecotec
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Gray
Purchase Date: 2004

Manufacturer Options

  • Power door locks and an alarm.


  • The mods so far are a 2 1/4 inch in and dual 2 inch out Trans Am muffler
  • 2 1/4 piping to a very long 2 1/4 inch resonator
  • a 2 1/4 inch catalytic converter
  • an AEM true cold air intake NOPI edition
  • Toyz front strut brace
  • 8 gauge ground wire kit
  • and Russell stainless steel brake lines all around. The 4:2:1 header and rear strut brace are sitting in a box until I have enough $$$.
  • Stock steel 15" rims
  • Stock cloth
  • Bomber body kit
  • and a VIS Invader carbon fiber hood.
  • Stock CD (featuring blacked out display)
  • 4:2:1 header install
  • rear strut brace install
  • HP Tuners
  • stage 1 or 3 cams
  • and then the 15" Trak Lite rims to finish it off.