Darren D


Location: Ontario, Canada
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1994 Pontiac Sunrunner GT - 4X4

About This Vehicle:

SOLD!!! was my beater and daily driving (2005-06) its no good on highways so I had to get a better car. I loved it but it had to go...

Body Style:
Color: (SOLD) 2 Tone - Black and Flat Black
Engine: 1.6L 5spd
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Charcoal
Purchase Date: Sunday Oct 2nd 2005
Build Date: Sunday Oct 2nd 2005


  • Gator Liner on floor
  • No Bumper Covers
  • Custom Front Grill
  • Custom Bumper
  • Hardtop
  • American Racing BAJA Rims
  • 30" Swapper Tires
  • Rollbar
  • 2" Body lift