Ryan Pitt


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1976 Chevrolet Corvette

About This Vehicle:

This car was wrecked then junked. Then someone bought it and fixed it, wrecked it again, and junked it again. Then my dad bought it, and fixed it. Then he talked about doing a turbo job, and I was more than happy to do the work.

Body Style: Coupe
Color: Cherry Red
Engine: 350
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Black Leather

Manufacturer Options

  • The car was originally automatic
  • but that was changed to a 5-speed realllllll quick
  • t-tops
  • chrome luggage rack.


  • 350 SB with the late 80's tuned port injection put on. My old man financed most of the project
  • so that limited what I could do. I wanted twin turbos
  • but instead it got a single garrett GT55 turbo which I custom installed in the rear. Single exhaust back
  • so I could run the air back to the front through the factory supplied portals in the cross members. Finally
  • it has a fully adjustable accel computer.
  • Upgraded 4 piston calipers with over-sized drilled/slotted rotors.
  • All stock baby
  • you don't know a thing until it's wayyy too late and all you hear is a screamin turbo.
  • Who cares? It's got a loud turbo. That's music to MY ears.