David Fauver


Location: Richmond Va
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1986 Chevrolet Chevette

About This Vehicle:

This car belonged to a friend of mines mom since it was new. i picked it up free due to its age and general lack of function for them anymore. I knew from the first time i saw it that it needed to be a straight up drag car >:)

Body Style: Coupe
Color: Silver & Black
Engine: 3L sohc turbo V6
Transmission: Manual
Interior: None


  • Nissan VG30ET from 84 300zx (formerly the GhettoZ)
  • FS5R30A Nissan 5 speed overdrive transmission
  • Megasquirt II
  • Rear axle from a H body
  • Custom one piece driveshaft
  • Stock chevette rear springs (drag launch baby)
  • h body front springs
  • malubu front brakes & master cyl
  • h-body rear brakes
  • Fuel cell
  • Roll bar
  • Racin stripes >:)
  • Alot of unecessary metal & other parts GONE
  • This whole car is a work in progress. It is the "AutomotiveLifestyle.com Project Car" Feel free to logon and donate!