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2001 Yamaha Hankoks Fabrics Buggy

About This Vehicle:

This is a Buggy We Piped out for the 01 Freakshow Carshow!

Body Style: Hatchback
Color: Chrome
Engine: None
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Red Tank
Purchase Date: Stolen!
Purchased From: Parking Lot
Build Date: haha

Manufacturer Options

  • Factory Chrome Coating


  • None Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Swapped over to Some 2" Front Black Rims and 6" Rear Swivel Rims(thats the new shizzle) Wrapped in Hard Plasic "Tires" Custom 3 link Air Ride
  • Drags in the back and it WILL throw Sparks! Custom 2" Cylinders and has the ability to 3-wheel This thing WILL hop Body Dropped 12" With Shaved Bumpers Red 5Gal Tank and HIGH FLOW 1/4" Valves! 4 Valve Setup. Peterbuilt Air Horn. Custom 2 Switch
  • Switchbox with Air Horn Button.
  • None