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1989 Chevrolet Cavalier

Body Style: Coupe
Color: Charcoal and silver
Engine: 3400sfi
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Black and chrome
Purchase Date: July 2008
Purchased From: A guy
Build Date: July 08- never endin


  • 05' 3400 SFI out of Grand AM GTP 2010' 3500 Heads and Lower Intake out of Malibu Custom Down Pipe Dual Exhaust with High Flow Cat no mufflers 3in Pipe Auto - Manual 5 speed swap (92' Hm282 Tranny) Hybrid Axles (manual with Bonneville Outer) Custom 3400/3500 Tune by Superdave
  • Kyb agj struts New stock springs Kyb upper strut mount New sway bar bushings New tierod ends Dual stut bar Rear shock bar Adjustible air shocks Subframe connector STS 11.25in front disk brake swap(knuckes
  • calipers
  • balljoints) Neon rear disk brake swap 10in disk Firewall to fender brace Fender to ratiator support brace Motegi racing rims 17in 255/40/17 tires 94 rear spoiler phase 2
  • Custom painted phase 2 interior Leather panel inserts Custom chrome accent molding Digi Dash Swap
  • 94 z24 Spoiler Tinted Headlights Tinted Taillights 10k Hids Painted Engine LED Bulbs all around
  • Pioneer bt920 navigation head unit 2 6in cadence Mids with tweeters and cross over 2 6x9 cadence Mids with tweeters and crossover Cadence 2500watt amp for interior speakers Cadence 5000 watt amp for subs 2 audiobahn competition subs 1500 cranking amp gell cell battery in trunk 950 cranking amp battery main
  • Twin turbo or STS turbo kit 275/35/17 tires