Jason Whited


Location: Noblesville Indiana/ Pflugerville Texas
Joined: Thursday, January 27, 2005
Last Update: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Last Seen: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Email: whited.jason@gmail.com

2000 Chevrolet cavalier

About This Vehicle:

I purchased the car in Apr 03 and in sept. 03 I got rear ended it almost ended this cavys journey it was about $850 from totaled. that is how i got my tail lights and system. then in jan. 04 my oil pump went out on me, there is nothing more fun than traviling down an highway at 75 then wham its history. After all of that the cavy has yet to quit on me yet. this however is my 3rd J car and ive enjoyed every minut wit them. on the 20th of Dec. 05 clutch went out and got my new clutch.

Body Style: Coupe
Color: matalic silver
Engine: 2200 SFI
Transmission: Manual
Interior: custom blue and silver
Purchase Date: apr 17 2003


  • New motor [Jan 04] RSM intake
  • thanks Jason' polished valve cover
  • accel 8.8 blue plug wires
  • MSD coils boch spark plugs
  • ACT stage2 cluch
  • fendza flywheel
  • fendza short throw
  • custom cat back 2 3/4" ex. with 4" magnaflow muf.' TTR upper mount' RK lower mount' TTR trany mount'
  • Gold line springs 1.75 drop' Reactive front mount strut bar
  • D specks
  • 95/99 z24 rims in black
  • (thanks Rick) crosdrilded roters. (thanks Jason
  • rear mounted strut bar thanks Jason
  • front aluminum frame brace thanks to Scott (section8)
  • progress rear swaybar'
  • int all flat black.
  • clear hvac nobs
  • all interior lights are blue
  • auto meter dual pods
  • ac oil temp. and temp. gauges [indigo blue]' white face reverse gauges [blue]' disabled DRLs' momo hub with Bride wheel'
  • shaved side trim
  • shaved emblems
  • custom Black corners (JDM) still have ambers 2
  • custom Black out headlights
  • blue head lights
  • blue license plate cover (blue light as well)
  • blue reverse lights
  • of corse the orange spyder in back window
  • 00-02 Toyo tails
  • CF OEM hood
  • Z24 sides from 95-99 (thanks alan)' 00-02 Z24 wing (thanks Jeffro (karnage)and Manta for the trade )
  • 00-02 z24 front bumper with yellow fogs (thanks for the trade Ben)
  • VHT nightshaded tailights and brakelight
  • 02 LS sport front lip (thanks Manta)
  • 03 05 LS sport rear bumper
  • JL wire all over' JL 250w amp' 3 JL W3 V2 10" subs' JL tr 6x9 rear' JL tr400-cxi door 4" ' alpine 9843 head unit'
  • spyder sticker
  • my jbo stickers
  • and my A plus Performance .com(thanks Jason)' my j-bodysource.com (thanks Jason A plus)
  • my indytunning sticker
  • my audio outfiters sticker
  • and my cetexcc sticker
  • Turbo tech sticker
  • JM graphic sticker thanks John
  • SOMTHNG NEW FOR 2011 that is all Neon rear disk conversion
  • (2011) carbon fiber hood 2010 (done)
  • boost gauge
  • airfuel gauge 2010' t3/t4 turbo kit
  • Stock cobalt SS green injectors for turbo 2011
  • turbo timer
  • crosdrilled roters. 06' (done)
  • redo orange it to blue. 06' (done)
  • change front bumper to a stock 00/02 with fogs 06' (done)
  • red recaro seats 2010' redo headliner
  • and door panel cloth to black cloth ' toyo tailights
  • toyo finders
  • 03-05 LS sport rear(08) done
  • LS sport front lip.(done) progress rear sway
  • (done) replace all bushings with poly ones
  • (have bushings just need to instal) and repaint car to blue