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1995 Chevrolet Z24

About This Vehicle:

well new everything, bought it for fun because it was a 5 speed, head worked over, bottom worked over as well, though stock bore was retained, there will be pics and more details later

Body Style: Coupe
Color: black/green
Engine: 2.3L Quad 4
Transmission: Manual
Interior: black/green
Build Date: currently

Manufacturer Options

  • all options availabe from chevy at the time are on this car.


  • 2.3L H.O.
  • Most every sensor is a trw or bosch replacement
  • Engine Pro Crank with knife-edge service
  • Engine Pro I-beam rods
  • Clevite 77 bearings-rod and main
  • TRW 9.5:1 Pistons
  • fel-pro gaskets
  • HEAD
  • 5 angle valve job
  • port n polish
  • 20 thousanths shaved off
  • FelPro gaskets
  • RC racing injectors
  • Venom high-flo rail
  • Ractive w/heat shield custom short ram intake-soon to be a true cold-air
  • Bosch iridum plugs
  • HD coil boots
  • Tein Suspension
  • Ractive tower bars-Front and Back
  • 14's for winter(American Racing)
  • 17's for summer(Motegi MR-7)
  • Custom painted
  • Green/Black New fabric on rear deck
  • visors
  • amd door panels
  • Green EL Glo pedals
  • Green accent ligting
  • Green EL glo floormats
  • Green seat covers front and rear
  • Street Glo shoulder pads
  • Opium front bumper
  • Drift side skirts
  • Drift Rear bumper
  • Fender Flairs Front and Rear
  • Z3 Fenders
  • Blacked out tails
  • Blacked out Headlights
  • green carbon fiber wipers
  • LA 4.5 inch door speakers with 1 inch tweeters
  • LA 6x9's in rear deck
  • 400Wattx4 LA amp to interior speakers
  • Kenwood animated multicolor cd/mp3 player
  • 3 JL w3v2's 500Watt Kenwood amp
  • 1 Farad Capacitor
  • All synthetic fluids
  • 0w-50 Nippon oil
  • royal purple in trans
  • valvoline synpower power steering
  • pennzoil synthetic break fluid-in clutch too
  • Swap out LA speakers and amp with Memphis or JL products-will only be one car audio manufacurer's products in this car-short of the cdplayer
  • possibly turbo conversion ??