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1997 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

About This Vehicle:

"She's dead, Jim!"

Yup...hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears, as well as thousands of dollars of my hard earned money have been poured into my baby. And in the end, she died on me.

Not the car itself. Not my passion for her. Instead, my extra time has been lost. The river of money has dried up. Her precious garage was replaced by the shame of a backyard.

Now she sits, on blocks, naked for the world to ridicule. Her only protection from the harsh weather is that of a thin, weathered car cover. Her glory days are over.

Maybe one day she will rise from the ashes. Maybe. Until then, pray to the car gods that they be merciful on her. Pray they do not forsake her forever. She deserves so much more.

Body Style: Coupe
Color: GM Bright Red / GM Arctic White---SOLD!
Engine: 2.4L DOHC
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Custom white and carbon fiber
Purchase Date: 4-20-01
Purchased From: Arnold Motors
Build Date: 5/97

Quarter Mile Timeslips:
 12:00 AM - - Thompson Drag Raceway (16.659@81.535)


  • PACESETTER headers
  • FLOWMASTER Delta series exhaust
  • dual exhaust
  • CARBON FIBER throttle body cover with RED Chevy bowtie
  • *new water pump! (i told you i'd put it in here)*
  • GOLDLINE springs (thanks Trey L.)
  • KUHMO 215/40/18 tires
  • EXCEL Evolution rims (white with silver lip)
  • GM White vinyl seats from a convertible J-body (thanks Brett V. SAC Obizzle and Godsspeed)
  • F-1 RACING white steering wheel
  • POWER ACOUSTIK 7.2" monitor (thanks Teddy M.)
  • HVAC/Radio bezel customized to hold TV and CD player
  • 95-99 Sunfire center console
  • black carpet
  • custom painted frost white on all interior panels
  • relocated HVAC panel
  • white vinyl headliner with 3D flame design
  • Carbon Fiber mounting plate on steering wheel
  • Carbon Fiber passenger air bag cover
  • Carbon Fiber glove box door
  • Carbon Fiber rear 1/4 panel armrests
  • Carbon Fiber front door panel armrests
  • Carbon Fiber console--includes armrest/change pocket/shift bezel
  • CLASS GLASS carbon fiber ram air hood--with molded "evil eyes" (painted body color)
  • GROUND DYNAMICS Bomex style front bumper
  • custom made projector style head lights--painted body color (thanks Luke M.)
  • TAIL LIGHT CONVERSION---(thanks Frank R.)
  • Cadillac Deville tail lights
  • shaved wing
  • shaved outter tail lights
  • shaved inner tail lights
  • shaved trunk lock
  • BUDDY CLUB 2 rear bumper
  • BUDDY CLUB 2 side skirts
  • CHEVY CAMARO exhaust tips (side exit through side skirts)
  • STREET BEAT CUSTOMS white sliding rag top 35x35
  • MMS lambo door kit
  • SONY XPLOD CD player
  • 4 10"KATAN subwoofers
  • ?? 600 watt cheater amp
  • custom made fiberglass box---sits in spare tire well
  • PAST MODS (things that i've done then changed)
  • Z24 front bumper (95-99 Cavalier)
  • Bomex front bumper (Cavalier)
  • Z24 rear bumper (Cavalier)
  • Bomex rear bumper (Cavalier)
  • RK Sport front bumper--older style--(Sunfire)--I bought this bumper TWO different times
  • RK Sport Streetfire front bumper (Sunfire)--thanks Monica
  • SE front bumper (95-99 Sunfire)
  • OEM hood (Cavalier)
  • Class Glass carbon fiber ram air hood (Cavalier)
  • RK Sport SS fiberglass ram air hood (Cavalier)
  • OEM hood (Sunfire)
  • RK Sport fiberglass ram air hood (Sunfire)
  • Class Glass fiberglass ram air hood (Sunfire)
  • Class Glass carbon fiber ram air hood (Sunfire)
  • 16" Z24 rims (95-99)
  • 17" EAGLE ALLOYS series 160 rims
  • 15" stock Z24 rims (00-02)
  • 17" Enkie rims
  • Arospeed coilovers
  • TOM coilovers
  • blown struts :D
  • 2-10" Jensen subs
  • 2-10" Excursion subs
  • 2-10" Sony Xplod subs
  • 400 watt Pioneer amp
  • 600 watt American Legacy amp
  • 1000 watt Sony Xplod amp
  • Z24 wing
  • Terminator 2 wing
  • 2-10" white racing stripes
  • Modern Image graphics kit #3
  • Andy's Autosport side skirts
  • Bomex side skirts
  • Knight Rider light kit
  • Street Glow Blue Series red underbody neons
  • Class Glass fully shaved carbon fiber trunk lid
  • Z3 fenders (Cavalier)
  • EGR fender flares
  • RK SPORT clear taillights (thanks Gary)
  • carbon fiber SINISTER eyelids (thanks Joel)
  • MALTESE CROSS taillight conversion
  • MALTESE CROSS mirrors
  • Powered by
  • COMING SOON (hopefully):
  • Chevy Caprice mirrors
  • door handle conversion (90 Buick Regal maybe?)
  • 3800 Series II
  • suicide doors
  • Metal widebody