Brian Kersey


Location: Grand Terrace, California
Joined: Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Last Update: Friday, May 16, 2008


2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

About This Vehicle:

It's just a daily driver. --NEW-- SOLD!!!! I've been thinking about if for a while. finally did it. 8/27/2006 got rear ended on 2/27/06

Body Style: Sedan
Color: Indigo Blue
Engine: 2.4L DOHC
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Tan w/black trim
Purchase Date: March 2002
Purchased From: Moreno Valley Chevy
Build Date: hell if i know

Quarter Mile Timeslips:
 01:42 AM - 02/May/03 - Pomona Raceway (bone stock) (16.042@86.42)
 09:41 AM - 02/May/03 - Pomona Raceway (bone stock) (16.190@85.13)
 11:37 AM - 04/May/03 - Pomona Raceway (bone stock) (16.107@85.62)
 09:30 PM - 29/May/03 - Moreno Beach Drive (0 to 60MPH in 8.1 seconds) (@)


  • Blue AEM short ram intake
  • Removed the tuner tube(doesn't count anymore with the WAI)
  • Removed intake resinator(pain in the @$$)
  • Upper motor mount
  • Reinstalled lower motor mount (its shaky as hell but its fun to chirp through second in an automatic)
  • AutoTrans Interceptor (thanks Ron)
  • Rage Breaker 16x7 rims
  • Futura HRII's 205/55/16's for now
  • Vibrant front strut bar
  • Vibrant rear strut bar
  • Chrome valve stems
  • Chrome pressure caps
  • Eagle one wet tire shine (love that stuff...)
  • New brakes
  • I'm looking to get new rims but I have to find the day.
  • Chevrolet bowtie steering wheel cover
  • Chevrolet floor mats
  • Black dash cover
  • Pretty much back to stock
  • Medium/dark tinting on all windows except front
  • Removed body molding
  • Removed chrome "Cavalier" from under back left tail light
  • Removed bowties(front and back)
  • Somewhat custom 3rd brake light(took the cavalier badge and spray painted it the color of my car...stuck it on my 3rd brake light and it looks pretty cool)
  • Dark blue APC flamed Z24 logos (from Jegs)
  • APC clear corners
  • Patiently waiting paint/install on a set of Z24 skirts from a 99 coupe (look better than sedan skirts IMO)
  • Lots of dents and paint chips from living in an apartment complex
  • Head unit--Panasonic 200x4(CQC7103U)
  • Wire harness--2000 Geo/Chevy Tracker
  • 6 1/2's--Infinity6010cs
  • 6x9's--Pioneer 240w #A6970R
  • Amp--Pioneer Gm-7100M (800w/max)
  • Subs--Two 12" Pioneer Ts-W300R (600w/max)
  • Box--Q-Logic Dual Chamber 12" enclosure
  • My entire stereo system was installed by myself with no visible wires (kind of proud of that)
  • Made back windows go all the way down(easiest "mod" ever)
  • Devistetar car alarm
  • Sylvania Xtra-Vision head light bulbs
  • Painted lots of stuff blue
  • cash flow sucks and i'm not sure if i want to keep it.