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How do the TPS Tec and Venom 400 work?
The TPS Tec and Venom 400 are both electronic 'hacks' that plug into various sensors, and work quite similarly. <p> The Venom 400 claims to alte...
   01-24-2005   Replies: 0
What about underdrive pulleys?
Lightened pulleys underdrive the accessories driven by the drive belt by changing the diameter of the crank/eccentric shaft (main) pulley. Underdrivin...
   01-01-2004   Replies: 0
What about aftermarket engine/transmission mounts?
If you've ever watched your engine move around in the engine bay when you blip the throttle, you know it's pretty loose in there. For 1995-2002 models...
   01-01-2004   Replies: 0
How much can I over-bore the existing engine?
It really depends on how much work you're looking to do. Mantapart has a 2.6L stroker kit available for the 2.4L Twin Cam motor, but I've never actual...
   03-18-2006   Replies: 0
What about changing the head/compression?
It is possible to mate a 2.3L engine head with a 2.4L block, but it is not a direct bolt-on installation....
   01-01-2004   Replies: 1
How does the 2.3L HO engine put out 180hp?
No balance shafts, 10:1 compression pistons (2.4 have 9.5:1), Differnet camshafts, Smaller pulley, Better flowing cyl head, Higher redline, Better int...
   01-01-2004   Replies: 0
Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge Installation
(This installation is for the 2.4L LD9 engine) Parts Required Brass Adapters 1 1/8" male to 1/4" male 1 1/4" male to 1/8" male 1 45 degree an...
   01-31-2005   Replies: 0
Exhaust theory and design
Dispelling the "backpressure" myth... The following excerpts are from Jay Kavanaugh, a turbosystems engineer at Garrett, responding to a thread on ww...
   04-28-2005   Replies: 0
Is my car OBD1 or OBD2?
OBD = On Board Diagnostics All J-cars up to 1994 are OBD1. Most J-cars in 1995 are OBD1; 2.3L manual transmission cars, and all 2.2L cars. The only...
   05-16-2005   Replies: 0
Can I swap a different engine into my car?
Yes, absolutely. The limiting factors are usually cost and time, followed by availability of parts and physical size. Swapping in an engine that was ...
   12-27-2005   Replies: 0
Can I chip my car?
Yes and no, depending on the year of your car. Any first or second gen J-body can be "chipped" by replacing the chip in the computer that runs the ca...
(not rated)   12-27-2005   Replies: 0
Where is my ECU located?
The ECU or PCM or engine computer (whatever you want to call it) location varies from year to year. For most first and second gen cars, the ECU is lo...
(not rated)   12-27-2005   Replies: 0
How do I swap an Ecotec engine into my 95-99 J-body?
Basically, you gut the entire car down to the frame and swap everything over. Did I say everything? Yes, and I meant it. One of the problems in cross...
   01-10-2006   Replies: 1
What are the "secret cams"?
The "secret cam swap" for the 96-02 2.4L Twin Cam (LD9) motor was pioneered back in 2001 by a few guys in Winnipeg. The following is the original pos...
   12-03-2006   Replies: 0
What is the top speed of a J-body?
Third-gen J-body cars have an electronic limiter that limits them to 108 MPH or 178 KM/H. Of course, we're not suggesting you test this limit... as i...
   03-18-2006   Replies: 0
Alcohol/water injection
Well there seems to be alot of guys getting into the alcohol stuff so i put this togeather for you guys... 1. What are the benefits of Water/Methano...
   05-30-2006   Replies: 0


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