Matt Teske


Location: Portland, OR
Last Update: Monday, December 7, 2015
Last Seen: Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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Dave is the "Dave". We have been friends for years now. Both being So Cal J-Body owners makes us plain weird.
Tim and I go way back. The founder of the J-Body Bash, Tim and I have worked together to make the event as great as possible. We like to think we have done an okay job. :D
Rocky, probably my best friend I have met at the JBO. We had a mutual/silent respect for each other for years, but finally met in person at the 2002 J-Body Bash, a very memorable moment. An innovator and all around great guy.
ET is the man. His car is fast as hell too. One of the most dedicated friends I have met at the JBO. Smart, funny, driven, and just plain cool.
Erod is a punk. His goal in life for years was to get me drunk, which still scares me to this day. Past that, he wishes he was me every morning he wakes up. Nice car though. ;)
Jason is one of the few people from the JBO who has driven my car, actually, the only person I can think of who drove it without me in it. He has got one of the cleanest J-Bodies I have seen. Simple and tasteful.
Whose car has seen more facelifts, I have no idea. Chris is constantly at work redesigning his car. Sponsored and a great JBO advocate, Chris is an old man here just like me.
Ian copies my car whenever he finds extra cash. Sad really, but thats what happens when you adore someone I guess. Funny character too, always saying my car is "pretty". Well, at least he doesnt wear glasses too.... DOH!
The godfather of the J-Body scene, Jim Trevino is the original "first". You name it, he did it first. I always strived to be as innovative as he was when I first got my car. Still, more than that, he is a great guy.
Clayton has one of the nicest J-Bodies I have seen. The color is awesome, the design is very clean, and he does it all in the frozen land of Canada.
Ken is a moderator, which means you should fear his every move. No, not really. He and I talked hockey for hours at the 2002 J-Bash. Good times for sure. He is also the most level headed guy here, you can quote me.
Kevin is offically sponsored by the J-Body Bash. His whole car seems to have been built from raffle prizes. Also a moderator, he is a great guy to know. (Pssst, Kevin, can I make my sig 800x600?) :D
Jeff had the "Best Engine" at the 2000 J-Bash. I got "Best Engine" at the 2001 J-Bash. To this day he still thinks I cheated. What, so I had a prototype supercharger, that didnt matter. :D Jeff is the carbon king of STL and his car is fast.
Bwall is the best driver at this website, hands down. He could beat your car piloting a radio flyer wagon. His first car was "treed". Not keyed, treed. Didnt stop him from getting another J-Body. We all thought his first car was just quick, but then he still kicked everyone's butt in his new one.
Scott and I drove together in the 2000 caravan. Well, actually, he drove and I slept. He was kind enough to put my snoring over the radio to all the other cars, thanks Scott. :)
Joe builds fast cars. Joe has worked on my engine twice. Both times my car has performed better than before. I trust Joe. Joe, Joe, Joe. Okay, anyway, Joe is a genius with the LD9 engine, and is just a great guy all around.
Johnny Mack has a fast car, there is no getting around it. He knows how to wrench and has enlightened me plenty of times. The first time I met him was in San Jose, CA. We went for a drive and from that day I knew he knew cars. Great guy.
Lenko hooked me up with my Toyota taillights, thus, he is the man. Also a proud automatic owner, he runs 13s in his free time. Yeah, he is one cool Canuck. Remember, he is a "Zex" machine, not sex. However, the BFD died on 10/31/03. Lenko will be back... trust that.